Cotton and Silk Cloth, Handmade Toys & Handbags from Thailand

Cotton and Silk Thailand produces 100% handmade quality Silk and Cotton cloth. All production for the cloth is done by hand; our handloom operators are very experienced and produce fine quality Silk and Cotton cloth, one meter wide.

Handmade Child Friendly Toys

We also have a Child friendly range of toys which are produce by hand knitting or crochet. These come in a variety of sizes and colours, from our little weed to our giant panda.

Ladies Handbags & Baskets

Ladies handbags and baskets are also produced once again by hand, some take up to 3 days to make and are very exclusive and one off design’s.

As everything we produce is by made by hand, all Silk cloth, Cotton cloth, Child friendly Toys, Ladies handbags and Baskets are unique, no two are exactly the same.

Thai Cotton & Silk Cloth Made With Natural Production Methods

Production for the Cotton and Silk cloth starts with the spinning of the raw materials, which are all available locally in our Lop Buri Province Thailand.

We start with the hand dyeing of the cotton and silk threads, the dyes we use are 100% natural and from our local fruits and vegetables. Drying is done out in the open as our Thai climate is ideal for this.

The Silk and Cotton is then wound onto bobbins ready for the loom operator to setup. Each operator produces about 1 meter of Cotton or Silk cloth every day. A Thai Silk and Cotton loom operator is highly skilled and has an eye for fine detail.

We only produce the finest quality cloth which is then ready for tailors to cut and produce fine quality silk and cotton ladies and gentleman's clothing.

Child Friendly Toys Handmade From Organic Resources

Our toy department produces a big variety of Child Friendly Toys all knitted or crochet by hand.From Our Handmade Toy Range At Cotton and Silk Thailand, Our Baby Panda Sizes range from 100mm for our 'Little Weed' up to 60cm high for our fabulous Mr and Mrs Rabbit, the ideal wedding gift who comes fully fitted out in their wedding dresses and are the talk of every wedding.

Once again the wool is dyed with 100% organic or natural dyes. The filling inside is of one-piece foam and then stitched together. Facial features are embroidered, but if you require glossy button accessories we we can fit, these are of course sewn on very securely from the inside. We all have children so safety is our first thought.

Ladies love beautiful handbags and search for them on every shopping trip, but unfortunately far to many handbags are made exactly the same, so when you're out you often see someone else carrying the same handbag as you have.One Of Our Exclusive Ladies Handmade Handbags Which Can Take Up To 3 Days To Make, Available From Cotton and Silk Thailand

Our Thai handmade handbags are all individual and you will never find two the same, it can take up to 3 days to make an exclusive handbag, but we like to be different. Our bags are really a sculpture and made 100% by hand using nature's finest organic materials. We dye the materials using only dyes obtained from local fruit and vegetables, which produce an exciting range of colours. Bases are woven with wicker and then we weave in the chosen material, which can be wicker, bamboo or even wool. Accessories like hinges and fasteners can be coconut or even cast off turtle shells from Thailands beaches.

Baskets are made in the same way; we do take a lot of care when producing them as to us they are another exclusive handbag.

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Cotton and Silk Thailand, Our Child Friendly Range Of Toys Cotton and Silk Thailand Handmade 100% Silk and Cotton Cloth Exclusive Hand Made Ladies Handbags By Cotton and Silk Thailand Cotton And Silk Thailand Handmade Child Friendly Toy Dog Sitting He Is 35cm, Only Available To A Good Home!! All Of Our Cotton And Silk Cloth Is Produced On Hand Looms And Available In Our Traditional Designs Or We Can Also Make It To Your Designs, Cotton And Silk Thailand. Handmade Baskets To Grace Any Home, Ideal For Flower Arranging And Available from Cotton and Silk Thailand
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