About Cotton & Silk Thailand, Toys, Handbags & Cloth

Cotton and Silk Thailand.Com is a cooperative of villagers from Central Thailand 'Kok Chareon Village' Lop Buri Province about 250km north of Bangkok. The area is best known for farming, producing vast amounts of Rice, Sugarcane and many Fruits and Vegetables, hence a great variety of natural materials.

How Cotton & Silk Thailand Started

Spinning Silk For Production At Cotton and Silk ThailandMany came to live in the village from North-eastern Thailand where hand loom weaving thrived; they came to the area for work offered in the agriculture industry. Family members who did not want to work on the land set up there own businesses making and selling a wide variety of goods all made from materials local to the village. The area is not known for tourism, so few foreigners every go there, Its been like this for many years..

Catty who is a local girl and head nurse in ER department in a hospital married Chris from the UK in 2010 and on seeing the quality of the work in Toys, Cotton and Silk Cloth and Handbags etc, suggested that their products where of such high quality that they should offer their goods for sale outside of their own province.

The Mr and Mrs Rabbet gift at the wedding (they are amazing) and the warm friendly way the villages treated Chris inspired him to create this web site as a thank you to all those villages who work so hard and produce quality goods that will impress all who view them.

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100% Handmade Cotton From Cotton And Silk Thailand.com Cotton and Silk Thailand Handmade 100% Handbags More Of Our Child Friendley Hand Made Toys From Cotton And Silk Thailand.Com Cotton And Silk Thailand For 100% Hand Made Cotton Cloth Cotton And Silk Thailand 100% Handmade Baskets Of Joy More Of Our Child Friendly Toys From Cotton And Silk Thailand
Cotton And Silk Thailand. Khok Chareon Village Hand- Woven Fabric Cooperative. 47 Moo 5 Kok Chareon Sub-District. Lopburi Province 15250 Thailand.
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